Inside Out

↳ Type design, Branding, Print
↳ Winter 2020
InsideOut Literary Arts is a non-profit orginization that strives to aid in the development of students in Detroit. I was given the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with 17 other designers in order to bring to light the poems of 25 youth poets in this program. Our mission was to amplify the young voices of the city by inspiring engagement with the Detroit community through tangible and intangible experiences.

The project branched out among multiple different platforms, and my contributions involved bringing these various poems to life in the form of motion design deliverables, and developing the resilient typeface thats not afraid to poke back: Thorn.

Using the various typefaces developed among 17 designers, we showcased the poems through newspapers, word games, mad libs, and specimen books.

Each poem was set in a designer’s typeface, and displayed within a specimen book that showcased the inspiration for each typeface. 

In addition to print material, we highlighted the 25 poems through developing 25 expressive motion gifs using carefully selected excerpts from each poem. Below are examples of the motion pieces that I produced for this platform.

Thorn is a strong typeface that uses exaggerated, sharp serifs in order to express the resilience of Detroit.