Your Turn

↳ Branding
↳ Winter 2019
70% of homes in Detroit are single parent families. The struggle lies within the child's and parent's ability to connect with one another, as well as the child's ability to connect with the rest of their community.

Your Turn is a pop-up neighborhood event that transforms a single block of Detroit into a neighborhood boardgame, by utilizing the sidewalks. This brings communities together, and allows all participants to engage in a neighborhood activation event. The take away is a memorable kit that provides resources for the parents, stencils, stickers, and a chalk box that will to continue to allow the children to engage the streets of Detroit even after the event is over.

* In collaboration with Jade Kuzak

Keeping in mind that we were working towards a community outreach event, we visualized our research and prototyped various ways an interactive kit could be delivered.

After exploring various solutions, a wordmark was developed that drew inspiration from board games; an activity that families engage in together. From rolling a dice, to various participants sitting across from one another, this wordmark expresses the act of many people coming together. 

The stenciled typeface allows it to live in a physical form that can become part of the kit itself. It invites participants to to engage their local sidewalks, chalk and stencils in hand.

On top of stencils and chalk, we also wanted this kit to serve as an educational tool that would allow children to learn about the history of Detroit. We developed characters named after well known streets in the local area. These characters become part of the stickers, stencils, and cards that help provide single parents with affordable, nearby resources for their families.

Last but not a least, a wooden box was constructed that would always serve as an exciting, nostalgic take away for the children that would remind them of this event, and continue to encourage them to engage with their local neighborhood. In it contains stencils, a chalk box, stickers, and the resource cards for the parents.